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The faith of Storytellers is anchored in the long-held truths of their faith community.

  • You hold fast to truths handed down by significant leaders
  • You understand layers of meaning embedded in stories
  • Your faith is grounded in teaching


The Bible's power rests upon the fact that it is the reliable, errorless, and infallible Word of God.

— Chuck Colson


You hold fast to truths handed down by significant leaders.

Storytellers have faith in deep and unchanging truths that have been explained by significant leaders in their lives and handed down by friends. They rely on their community to guide them on their path of faith. They have been taught how to think about life, faith and everything else. These teachings they have claimed for themselves.

You understand layers of meaning embedded in stories.

Storytellers understand what faith is about. What once were only simple, unrelated stories and rituals now make sense to them. They string biblical stories together and know the values and life lessons these stories teach. They know the layers of meaning embedded in these stories, rituals and symbols of faith. They know the text and stories of their religion are absolutely true. That is why they retell them without changing them. Sometimes Storytellers think more critically about what they believe but most of the time they just embrace them.

Your faith is grounded in teaching.

They grow in faith by learning about the Bible and their faith tradition. Storytellers often seek out Bible schools and teachers, and they read books about the fundamentals of faith. Communities often have overview courses, especially designed for newcomers. These ‘Discipleship 101’ types of learning opportunities are ideal for Storytellers to learn more about the eternal truths of their faith. Their relationship with God grows as their understanding expands.

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